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  • The game is now available for android devices

    Since Thursday, March 21, 2013 the game “Sunny and Flash are sorting waste” for mobile phones with android operational system is available on Google Play.

  • Let´s sort plastics

    From March, 07 2013, on the website www.ecolion.info you can find a new video (Ecolion) “Let´s sort plastics”. Main actors: Sunny and Ecolion.

  • Ecolion now on the internet

    On Monday, February 25, 2013 at 10:05 pm, the website www.ecolion.info has been launched on the internet, where you can become friends with Ecolion and other inhabitants of the Green Forest.



Ecolion is one of the most respected residents of the Green Forest. All the animals highly appreciate him because of his wisdom, justness and many other talents. Among the young lions he is known as the King or Lord of the forest and we have to admit that he is fond of this name...

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Raindrop is a great friend and very capable organizer! All team members know that whenever they need something or have a little problem, Raindrop is the right person to contact. She is very capable, fast and pleasant...

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Sunny is a young lion with unlimited amount of energy. Sometimes it seems to us that everywhere we look, there is Sunny. Sunny on the tree, Sunny at school, Sunny in the pool, simply everywhere you look, there is Sunny. Forest animals often...

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Flash is incredibly curious. He is interested in everything! When we say everything, it is not just a matter of when will the breakfast be served or where will he get a chocolate, but just about everything! Why does the sun shine? How does the tree grow? What is the gravitational force of...

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Dear children

Ecolion, Storm, Raindrop, Sunny and Flash are residents of the Green Forest and members of the Ecolion ´s team for nature protection. Because of the great success achieved in their forest, they became world-renowned experts in this field, so we decided to engage them in our projects to work on educating children and adults, and explaining the need and benefits of sorting waste. Just so you know, getting these Lions on board was not cheap. Do you know how much one lion (and especially Sunny) can eat? Get familiar with them, become friends and read their impressive bios... MORE